The movie presents a case of universal injustice through the diseases of various children that have to be evacuated as their only chance for survival.

It is shown how the white man, the Westerner, the one who controls the means, sometimes has to play God, in this very case, choosing among the patients those who will go to Europe to be operated upon and cured.

The documentary shows a way of life, the African, completely different form the clichés we are used to. The African tragedy is the lack of resources, not life itself, a life full of optimism, sense of humor and every day joy.

It is investigated the relationship of volunteers, religious representatives, and those people who help in Africa with their neighbors, here, the Guineans, each other with different beliefs and habits.

This non-fiction movie has been made with an structure as similar as fiction as possible, using the same approach, introducing the characters, the conclusions, the goals, etc.… To show Reality through a cinematographic gaze so that the spectator will not perceive that it is a series of interviews and facts but instead a story, a little piece of life made into a story.

Different narrative tools, such as polyvision, are used. With this technique more points of view of the same fact are shown, and the effect of being there is created, in some sequences, as if every single window were an actual view of that temporary reality. It is also compared, with this technique, what we see with what they say.

This movie will be a continual historic document of great importance as it bears witness to the uncensored exhibition of the disgraceful political reality of Guinea Bissau and many other African areas. “True Gods Have Bones” shows the assassination of the President Nino Vieira and Tagme Na Wai, the Chief of Staff, and how the link between this governmental instability directly affects the citizens of the country and the medical cases as shown in the film.

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